Welcome to the Boomkwekerij Van Rijn-de Bruyn BV website. We produce a broad assortment of fruit trees and fruit tree rootstocks for apples, pears, plums and cherries for professional fruit farming industry. Our head office is located in Uden, the Netherlands. Our subsidiaries are located in Poland, the Ukraine and China.



All our activities are focussed on an optimal quality. This is evident from:

  • the excellent consistent sorting. We sort in various qualities, which is why our clients receive excellent consistent batches.
  • the entire process of budding, grafting, planting, uprooting and delivery is in our own hands. This is why we guarantee a high quality.
  • the inspection of our products by Naktuinbouw (Dutch Inspection Service for Horticulture). Upon delivery our trees must be provided with a certificate (called "seal"). The guarantee for the purity of the variety and health.
  • our intensive after sales.
  • our frequent introductions of new cultivation techniques, which improve the cultivation as well as the end product.

Each year Van Rijn-de Bruyn BV, in combination with all its subsidiaries produces more than 800,000 fruit trees and 1.2 million rootstocks.


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Trees provided with the Naktuinbouw certificate

Hoofdvestiging Van Rijn-de Bruyn BV , Uden. Egelweg 1 5406 PD Uden, Nederland
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