Our objective is to continuously improve the cultivation of fruit trees and rootstocks. This is why we test new techniques and machines on a regular basis.

We also participated in the Dutch project ‘Cultivation with Future Fruit Trees'. We are continuously involved in fine-tuning our cultivation and work methods, among other things by participating in this type of projects. This also includes weed control by means of using a combination of mechanical and chemical weed control. Being a core business, we have successfully realised a significant lower environmental impact, whereby the quality of our trees continues to be of high-quality, as you have come to expect from us.


Integrated pest control

By means of monitoring crops on a regular basis, we apply an intensive integrated control procedure against illnesses and pests. We only intervene if the risk becomes too high, which is how we have been able to strongly reduce the use of chemical substances.

We also implement improvements with regard to fertilisation. By regularly taking soil and leaf samples, we have been able to significantly reduce the administering of nitrogen. Currently we use fertilisers on a controlled basis and only during a period within which it is required in order to realise the preferred growth.


International orientation

Since we are active throughout Europe, we are quickly informed on new developments related to cultivation techniques and varieties. You profit from our knowledge!


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