Since 1992 we are established in Częstochowa in Poland. Both the favourable climate and fertile soil ensure that we can cultivate high-quality fruit trees here as well. We cultivate fruit trees and fruit tree rootstocks on 15 hectares.

We now have joint ventures with local companies, in the Ukraine (2000) and in China (2008). The starting material for the cultivations abroad originate from the Netherlands, meaning it is virus free and certified!

We have created demonstration orchards at our foreign subsidiaries, where the different varieties can be evaluated and where we also show different cultivation techniques.



From the various subsidiaries, we deliver our products throughout Europe. More than 80% of the Van Rijn-de Bruyn production is delivered abroad.


Coaching Eastern European clients

Not only do we sell the fruit trees to our clients in Eastern Europe, we consider both the outright rooting of our trees as well as a good result for our clients of the utmost importance for us. This is why we offer our clients in Eastern Europe four “cultivation consults", during the first two years. Following this initial period, we would, with pleasure, introduce our clients to a consultancy organisation with whom we work together.

Jointly with our clients, we aim for the optimal result!


An additional advantage for our Polish clients: we speak Polish


 Nursery in China


Mitchgla, 4th year of growth, Poland

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